Radio (bonus on-line chapter)

1. In the transmitter block diagram shown below, which block represents the modulated RF amplifier stage?

2. In the arrangement shown, the function of the aerial tuning unit is to:

3. In the radio receiver shown, the demodulator stage is the block marked:

4. In the radio receiver shown, the signal marked X is:

5. In the circuit shown, the signal appearing at the input and output of the block marked C will typically be:

6. In the circuit shown, the majority of gain and selectivity is achieved in the block marked:

7. In the diagram shown, which of the curves represents critical coupling between two tuned circuits?

8. In the demodulator circuit shown, R1 and C2 form:

9. The dimension marked L in the diagram below is typically:

10. The aerial shown in the diagram below is:

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