Electronic applications with Raspberry Pi

1. How many USB connectors are fitted to a Model A Raspberry Pi?

2. At what frequency does the Model B Raspberry Pi’s ARM processor operate?

3. Which one of the connectors is used for GPIO?

4. The logic levels used to represent the digital signals on the GPIO connector are:

5. The Model B+ Raspberry Pi’s GPIO connector (P1) has:

6. The supply voltages available from the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO connector (P1) are:

7. How much RAM is available in a Model A Raspberry Pi?

8. Which one of the following commands will enable you to start the Raspberry Pi’s graphical user interface (GUI)?

9. Short sections of Python code can be called and re-used many times in a program when they are written as:

10. On the Raspberry Pi’s SPI bus, the signal referred to as MOSI is:

11. How many chip select lines are provided on the Raspberry Pi’s SPI bus?

12. Which one of the following gives the maximum number of devices supported by the Raspberry Pi’s I2C bus?

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