Fault finding

1. The voltage that appears between the base and emitter of a silicon transistor operating as a linear amplifier will normally be:

2. With a PNP transistor used as a linear amplifier, the collector voltage will normally be:

3. When a transistor used as a saturated switch is in the 'on' state, the voltage between the collector and emitter will usually be:

4. The diagram shows a test being carried out on a silicon diode. The typical resistance indicated on the meter should be:

5. In the circuit shown below, the transistor has been found not to be faulty. What fault is present?

6. In the circuit shown below, what fault is present?

7. Logic probes usually incorporate a monostable pulse stretcher in order to:

8. A logic probe is used to detect a fault in a logic circuit. If both the 'low' and 'pulse' LEDs are illuminated which one of the following waveforms will be present at the probe tip?

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