Operational amplifiers

1. The operational amplifier shown in the photo below is supplied in:

2. An ideal operational amplifier would have:

3. The connection marked X in the diagram shown below is:

4. Which one of the following is a typical value of open-loop voltage gain for an operational amplifier?

5. The units of slew-rate are:

6. An operational amplifier has a gain x bandwidth product of 2 MHz. If the device is used as an inverting amplifier a gain of 50, which one of the following gives the resulting bandwidth?

7. In the circuit shown below, the mid-band voltage gain will be given by:

8. The typical value of output resistance for an operational amplifier is in the range:

9. Which one of the following gives the output voltage produced by the circuit shown below?

10. When negative feedback is applied to an operational amplifier:

This is more feedback!
This is the feedback!

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