Electrical Fundamentals

1. Which one of the following gives the units of electric charge?

2. A current of 62.5 mA is the same as:

3. A frequency of 3.75 MHz is the same as:

4. Which one of the following statements is TRUE?

5. Potential difference is measured in:

6. Which one of the following metals is the best conductor of electric current?

7. The force between two charges is proportional to:

8. The relative permittivity of free space is:

9. Which of the graphs below (showing flux density plotted against magnetising force) is typical of steel?

10. Which of the diagrams below shows the magnetic field around a coil carrying an electric current?

11. Which one of the components shown below is a toggle switch?

12. What do the symbols marked X and Y represent?

13. In the circuit shown below, what type of switch is S1?

14. A signal has a frequency of 400 Hz. Which one of the following gives its periodic time?

15. A capacitor has a marked value of 47,000 pF. This is the same as:

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